Technology, Future, Economics, Security

Insights into Economics and our Future

The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology
Ray Kurzweil. (2006) - 672 pages (counts as two book) - new $15.38

Ray Kurzweil has so many patents, awards and publications to his name that he is a legend in the technology and computer science world. Specifically, his field is the pattern recognition branch of artificial intelligence. He is best know now for his attempts to project current trends into the future and to seriously plan to thrive in that future. Bill Gates calls Kurzweil “the best person I know at predicting the future of artifical intelligence.” This is the best introduction to the emerging transformational GNR disciplines: genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Sooner or later you need to read this book (it's long and meaty).

Abundance: The future is better than you think.
Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. (2014) - 432 pages - new $10.80

Most of us learned in our economics courses that "scarcity" is the foundation of economics and employment. Diamandis, influenced by Kurzweil, envisions a future where information technologies radically change the assumptions of every previous economist: that we and our children will live in a world of abundance. It sounds crazy, but you can't afford to miss these powerful ideas. This book has changed the view of many of our own students' futures. Well written and a fast read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The Industries of the Future
Alec Ross. (2016) - 249 pages - new $19.50

Your guide to the changes in employment, products, medicine, and technology for the next ten years. Based on today's emerging industries, Ross guides you through a realistic roadmap of the future for you and your students. Learn how your future WILL be impacted by robotics/AI, health care, finance, security, big data, and where these changes will have the greatest impact. Very well written through real stories and approachable writing.