(boring introduction) Inquiry-, problem-, challenge-, and project-based learning are variants of a more student-centered learning approach. These variants use similar ways of thinking for students and similar ways of planning for teachers. They will be called project-based learning or PBL, but the methods apply to all variants unless otherwise stated.

PBL vs Doing Projects

(real problem - driving question?) How can I better engage my students? ... more deeply so they really learn and care?

  • Do you know answers & solutions in advance?
  • Will research "give" you the solution(s)?
  • How do you approach a real problem?

(your hypothetical school's approach) solo quest? team quest? who's on team?

  • What do we already know?
  • What do we need to know to help us?
  • Where can we find this knowledge or skill?

(your solution path) What will we create, try, reflect upon, and report back on?

(let's try it) small scale pilot

(what's good, bad, ugly, unknown?) reflect

(redirect, fine tune, elaborate, start over?) how do we progress in professional skill?

---- ASD Middle School Sample Entry Event (Toxic Biome) ----

video intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-xKX3kpO9U