This page provides resources and directions for five projects (challenges) suitable for PBL. Each challenge focuses on a particular set of technology tools which lend themselves to creative application to several academic levels and subjects. Some, like Aurasma Augmented Reality, lend themselves to a step-by-step approach. Others, like Scratch, have too many options to make too many kinds of projects. Rather than step-by-step instructions, these more flexible systems can be learned by providing many examples and tutorials. Learning to successfully navigate through this kind of scaffolding is one of the hidden objectives of project-based learning.

Project-Based Learning - all you need to know is at:

Google Sites logoWebsite building links:

Scratch LogoScratch game links:

Aurasma LogoAugmented Reality links:

WordPress LogoWordPress Blog links:

  • WordPress Site:
  • Google "Wordpress Tutorial" to find the level of tutorial you want. (hint#1: you can follow the WordPress login and blog creation steps.) (Hint#2: skip below to Quick-Start Tutorial for a simple-but-structured tutorial).
  • Check out WordPress blog examples at the WordPress Showcase (hint: select Education from the topics listing on the left.)
  • Follow the Quick-Start Tutorial page to see the bigger WordPress picture and get your site off to a great start: Google to find answers to your questions as they arise.


Online Video Module links:

Tutorial (24-min) on how to create dynamic, multimedia online instructional videos:

Three Tools for online video modules:

Five Tools to make online videos more interactive:

Long article with great links to tools, loads of examples, and discussion:

Screen Capture Tools:  Camtasia, QuickTime, Snapz Pro, ScreenCast-O-Matic

Scribing Tools:

Picture-in-Picture Tools:

  • iMovie (Mac only)
  • FinalCut Pro (Mac only)
  • Adobe Premeire
  • Explain Everything
  • Camtasia
  • Screenflow (Mac only)